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Sand Boas

Reptmarts Sand Boas for sale are world famous! We produce and sell the highest quality, and largest selection of Sand Boas around. When you buy a Sand Boa from us you get the best! 
Sand Boas such as the Kenyan Sand Boa are popular due to their small size and docile nature. Though Sand Boas do hide alot in the sand, they regularly come out and cruise around at night. Sand Boas are sit and wait predators, in which they sit under the sand with their eyes barely visible waiting for an unsuspecting mouse to cross their path. 
Males tend to stay MUCH smaller then female Sand Boas, so if size is important, keep that in mind when you are shopping for one! 

Snow Kenyan Sand Boa Snake

Snow Kenyan Sand Boa

Item #sn3156964

Price: $199.99

Striped Sand Boa

Striped Sand Boa

Item #sn3157838

Price: $179.99