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Monitor Lizards for Sale

     We are pleased to offer some top notch Monitor Lizards for sale. We have strem lined our selection to only include captive bred monitors and captive hatched. All our Monitors besides Savannah Monitors are captive bred and born here at our facility. Savannah Monitors are captive hatched from farmed eggs. We want to support captive breeding and the captive efforts of Monitor breeders worldwide by starting to sell only Captive Bred or born monior lizards. 

     Monitors come in a huge variety of sizes, and are a pleasure to own. They are smart, active, and amazing to watch. Some stay small, some are larger so make sure you know what  you are getting! When shopping or buying a monitor lizard online, we recommend Savannah Monitors as they stay small, and there is alot of successful caresheets to keep them happy and healthy. 

Green Tree Monitor

Asian Water Monitor

Item #lz3157752

Price: $399.99

Savannah Monitor (Baby)

Savannah Monitor

Item #lz3157199-b

Price: $39.99